In Dhunat Upazila, a 30-meter spar of flood control dam has collapsed again

Emran Hossain Emon, OnushondhanNews:

The 30-meter spar of the Baniajan flood control dam in the Bhandarbari union of Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila has collapsed again.

On Monday (August 10) night, the CC block on the north side of the Spar collapsed due to the strong current of the Jamuna River.

Water Development Board authorities are throwing sand-filled geo-bags to repair the spar that collapsed on Tuesday morning. Earlier, on August 5, a 20-meter section of the spar had collapsed.

It has been reported that the Water Development Board constructed a flood control dam and two spars about 7 km from Atachar village in Bhandarbari union of Dhunat Upazila to Dhekuria in Kazipur Upazila in 2003 to prevent the erosion of the Jamuna.

Atiqul Karim Apel, chairman of Bhandarbari Union Parishad, said that if the spar of the flood control dam was not protected, about 15 villages in the union would be washed away by the river. So the locals quickly demanded permanent maintenance of this spar.

Dhunat Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Sanjay Kumar Mahanta said that after receiving the news of the sudden spar collapse around midnight on Monday, they visited the spot and tried to make some repairs.

People from the Water Development Board have been repairing the sand-filled geo-bags since Tuesday morning.

However, the spar has been discussed with the concerned authorities for a permanent repair. They will take immediate action in this regard.

Mahbubur Rahman, the executive engineer of the Bogra Water Development Board, said a 30-meter section of the flood control dam had collapsed due to strong currents in the Jamuna.

Upon receiving the news, a contractor has been sent there and an attempt is being made to immediately stop the breakdown by dropping the geo-filled bag filled with sand.