Saju Mia, Shibganj (Bogra) Representative:

On Tuesday, women, including 3,000 farmers from about 7 villages, staged a human bondage program in protest of the initiative to set up an industrial plant on cropland across the 3 km stretch from Ganeshpur-Rathbari on the Mokamatla-Joypurhat road in Shibganj Upazila of Bogra.

During the program, Shibganj UP Chairman Tofaley Ahmed Sabu, Mokamatla UP Chairman Mokleshar Rahman, Master Joynal Ali, Saidur Rahman, Shri Pranoy Sarkar, Shri Nishikant Sarkar, Shri Tanay Prang, Awami League leader Mokleshur Rahman Munnu addressed a protest meeting at Rathbari Bus Stand premises. Etc.

The speakers said that hundreds of farmers from Uthli, Narayanpur, Sannyanasi Chhelaman Dhondakola, Chanpur, Harirampur, Ganeshpur, and several other areas have been producing onion, potato, garlic, banana, ginger, and other winter vegetables in this cropland and exporting them to different parts of the country.

If mills are set up on these lands, it will cause huge damage to the country’s agricultural sector, including hundreds of farmers in the area, and will affect food, protesters said in a human bond.