A Palestinian child has been shot dead by Israeli forces

OnushondhanNews Desk:
Palestinian children are not being saved from Israel. Occupying Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian child in the West Bank.

Mohammed al-Alami, a 13-year-old boy, was shot dead by Israeli forces.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has confirmed that the child was shot dead by Israeli forces.

A 13-year-old boy named Mohammed al-Alami died in the town of Beit Omar on his way to the northwestern city of Hebron, a statement said. He was driving with his father. He was shot in the chest and died at the time.

The mayor of the city, Nasri Sabarneh, said his father was driving with Mohammed and his sister. At that time Mohammad asked to stop the car in front of a shop to buy something.

As his father stopped the car, the Israeli army nearby shouted at him and told him to stop. At one stage, they started firing at the car at random. At that time, the bullet hit Mohammad in the chest.

Source: Al Jazeera.