Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews :

Furniture vendors in Bogra’s Temple Road, including low-priced wooden chairs, tables, stools, tools, and branches, sit like crows on a pilgrimage in the hope of a buyer. Not matching the expected buyer. This is the situation they have been facing for the last year. Many traders are closing down their businesses due to non-payment of moneylenders’ money and NGO’s installments.

It has been seen at first hand that the shopkeepers are sitting on all sides of Temple Road from Zeropoint Satmatha in Bogra city to the west gate of Shaheed Khokon Park on both sides of Temple Road. The buyers of these shops are mainly students from different educational institutions, unmarried employees, owners of coaching centers, and low-income people.

As there are limited hostels in Bogra Government Azizul Haq College, Government Shah Sultan College, Government Bogra College and there are no hostels in more than a hundred non-government educational institutions, the rest of the students have to rely on various privately owned messes. They are the buyers of all these low-priced furniture.

Earlier these furniture shops were crowded from morning till night but now it can be said that there are no buyers. Shopkeepers are having a lazy time. Again some have left the business.

Shopkeeper Anwar Hossain said that the sales have been declining for a year now. The buyers of this low-cost furniture are students of educational institutions and owners of coaching centers. Besides, there are very few other buyers. Although the students were admitted as the educational institution was closed for a year, they did not take seats in the mess. So these pieces of furniture are not coming to this market. Again, those who bought are not in the mess. Gone home. They did not use the furniture was not damaged. So there was no need. So the business is in a very bad state. How do I go now? There were about twenty shopkeepers on Temple Road. Many have closed their businesses for fear of money owed by moneylenders and NGO installments. It has become difficult to run one’s own business by doing this business. The moneylender owes it. Corona is sometimes locked down, sometimes open. Other shops are crowded with shoppers but none of us come here. Because our buyers have left all the cities after the closure of educational institutions.

Another shopkeeper Sarwar Hossain said, I have been doing this business for about 50 years. After father and brother, I am still holding on to this business and continuing my family. But Corona has never been in the recession she was in one year. I used to sell at least 10 thousand rupees every day. Now it is difficult to sell one and a half thousand rupees. Sarwar also said that the moneylenders and two NGOs could not pay the installments.

According to shopkeeper Bhabani, chairs are sold for Tk 300, tables for Tk 400, and stools for Tk 600. All this is not available anywhere in Bogra at such a low price. So not only students, coaching centers, or unmarried employees, but also rickshaw pullers from other districts or Upazilas, low-income people including hotel workers are the buyers. Those people are not coming to the city anew during the Corona period. So the buyer is also starting to move to almost zero.