Herzog was elected the new president of Israel

OnushondhanNews Desk : Isaac Herzog has become the new president of Israel. He was elected by the Knesset in the Israeli parliament on Wednesday. He is the second-generation president of the country and the 11th overall. The election took place amid uncertainty over Israel’s prime minister. Herzog, 60, lost toContinue Reading

OnushondhanNews Desk : Protesters have clashed with Israeli forces in Jerusalem. Israeli forces fired tear gas and bullets at protesters as they pelted them with stones. The clashes came hours after a ceasefire between the Israeli and Palestinian armed forces of Hamas. On Thursday (May 20), Israel and Palestine agreedContinue Reading

OnushondhanNews Desk: Lillian Carrillo, a 30-year-old housewife, strangled her three children to death in a quarrel with her husband in Los Angeles, USA. Police arrested him while he was fleeing after killing the children. Police on Saturday recovered the mutilated bodies of three children from a rural home in Tulare,Continue Reading

OnushondhanNews Desk : The timing of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh has changed. According to the schedule, he was scheduled to leave Dhaka for Delhi at 7 pm on Saturday, but due to unavoidable reasons, he will leave Dhaka for Delhi at 9 pm instead of 7Continue Reading