Saju Mia, Shibganj (Bogra) Representative:

There have also been incidents of vandalism, tree felling, and clashes in the village of Shibganj in Bogra. Three people, including a worker and a housewife, were injured. A written complaint has been lodged at the police station.

According to police sources, on Wednesday (March 7) morning, Mahabul Sheikh, 42, son of Rabia Sheikh, an opponent of the same village, cut the soil of a pond near the house of brick kiln worker Shaktu Hasan, son of late Mahibar Sheikh of Sobahpur Purabari village in Maidanhatta union of the Upazila. Led by an organized group of 10/15 people with sticks and shovels in their hands, they stormed their houses, vandalized houses, and cut down 10/12 trees.

At that time, when they came to stop them from working, the brick kiln worker Shaktu Hasan was beaten and injured. At that time, his wife Shirina Begum and son-in-law Kaman Fakir came forward and beat them up. The injured are currently undergoing treatment at Shibganj Hospital.

In this regard, the brick kiln worker Shaktu Hasan said, “Unnecessary opponents attacked the place of the house and the pond, vandalized the furniture of my house, caused a loss of Tk 50,000 and cut down the trees.”

Police Officer-in-Charge Sirajul Islam said, “I have received the complaint and action will be taken subject to investigation.”