Do not want to play Copa America! The rebellion of Brazilian footballers

OnushondhanNews Desk :

Uncertainty has arisen over Copa America in the Corona situation.

Argentina was scheduled to host the Copa America this year, but the venue was changed to Brazil at the last minute.

The Brazilian players are dissatisfied in such a situation. The coach of Brazil himself said.

Tito said his teammates had discussed the decision to host the Copa America with the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Even Brazil captain Casimiro himself has boycotted the team’s press conference out of anger.

Spanish media Marca has even claimed that they do not want to play in Copa America. Rumors have been circulating that players, especially those who play in Europe, do not want to play in the Copa, citing Brazil’s fragile health.

Earlier, political instability led to the collapse of Colombia and the Corona, depriving Argentina of the right to host Copa America. After that, the name of the previous host Brazil was announced as the host country. But the Brazilian players are angry with this decision.

Brazil will play the World Cup qualifier against Ecuador on Saturday at 8:30 am Bangladesh time.