Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews :

The miscreants have vandalized the idol of Swarasati by setting fire to the Randha Govinda temple at Tengrakhali Jalepara in Bogra’s Dhunat. The incident took place at Randhra Govinda Mandir in Tenkrakhali Jalepara in Chowkibari Union late on Monday (March 29). The incident has caused panic among the minority community.

However, members of the local Hindu family are of the opinion that such an incident could happen due to the dispute over Tengrakhali Jalmahal.
Nimai Chandra Hawldar, president of Tengrakhali Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, alleged that the 42-acre Tengrakhali Jalmahal, 6-7 km away from Penchibari Malopara Fishermen’s Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, was illegally given a term of 1424-29 BS.

After that Penchibari Malopara Fishermen’s Association illegally subleased the water body to a person named Abdur Rauf Khan. Abdur Rauf Khan formed some terrorist forces in the area and started occupying Jalmahal. In this case, I file a case in the High Court (No. 764/2017). The court directed the Bogra deputy commissioner to cancel the lease and issue a public tender in 2019 if the sublease is proved after an on-the-spot investigation.

Bogra Deputy Commissioner on June 23, 2019, after conducting an on-the-spot investigation and getting sublease evidence, on July 11 of the same year, at the meeting of the District Jalmahal Management Committee, the lease of Tengrakhali Jalmahal was canceled and the security deposit was confiscated.

After that, Penchibari Malopara Fishermen’s Cooperative Society filed another case 280/19 in the Bogra Assistant Judge’s Court against 10 people including the Bogra Deputy Commissioner and the president and general secretary of our society. The court granted a temporary stay in the case.
Penchibari then lodged a complaint with the Land Ministry for further investigation on behalf of the Fishermen’s Association. When the Land Ministry directed the Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner for further investigation, Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner Md. Humayun Kabir Khondakar reported to the Land Ministry on January 8, 2020, after conducting an on-the-spot investigation and finding evidence of sublimation of Tengrakhali Jalmahal.

Nimai Hawaldar further said that on January 5, 2020, the High Court suspended the temporary stay of the case after I later filed an appeal in the High Court as the 7th respondent in case No. 280/19.

The Bogra Deputy Commissioner then directed the Dhunat Upazila Nirbahi Officer to collect khas from the Tengrakhali water body for the protection of government interests. Dhunat Upazila Nirbahi Officer gave charge to Sultanhata Fishermen’s Association of Parlakshipur on 11 November 2020. We work on behalf of Parlakshipur Sultanhata Samiti for day fishing under the attendance agreement. In this, 10-15 terrorists including Abdur Rauf Khan’s associates Khoka Fakir, Tota Fakir, Mannan, Kamal, Altar, Liton became angry with us and showed us various threats.

On December 13, Tengrakhali Jalmahal was seized by the Bogra District Judge’s Court on behalf of the Penchibari Malopara Fishermen’s Association with a temporary restraining order. After I appealed to the High Court on behalf of the Tengrakhali Samiti, the court stayed the temporary restraining order on February 1 this year.

But disobeying the court order, the terrorists kept the Tengrakhali water body under their control. Last Monday (March 29) afternoon, Saiful Islam, a surveyor at the Dhunat Aceland office, went to Tengrakhali Jalmahal with people and forbade illegal occupants including Khoka Fakir, Tota Fakir, Kamal, and Altab to fish and sank their boats.

Balaram Hawadar, general secretary of the Terrakhali Fishermen’s Association, said that after the people of the Aceland office left, Khoka Fakir and his associates picked up the boat with sticks, sodas, knives, and strips and started fishing all night and threatening us. We fell asleep in our respective homes at night in fear. In the morning we see a fire burning inside our cooked Govinda temple and the idol is broken. Later, the terrorists left at our shout.

Fisherman Balram Hawadar added that in the past, Khoka Fakir and his associates had set fire to our village and attacked it.
Khoka Chandra Hawaldar, president of the temple committee, said, “We are in extreme insecurity due to the vandalism of the temple.” We are preparing to file a case with the police station after consulting everyone in the village.

Meanwhile, Bogra Superintendent of Police Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan (BPM), Additional Superintendent of Police Gaziur Rahman, Dhunat Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sanjay Kumar Mohant, Dhunat Police Station OC Kripa Sindhu Bala, and Investigation Officer Zahidul Haque visited the spot.

Dhunat Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kripa Sindhu Bala said the site was inspected after receiving reports of vandalism and arson of the temple idol. Necessary action will be taken if a written complaint is received in this regard.