In the heat of summer, the demand for palm shells has increased in Shibganj Upazila

Saju Mia, Shibganj (Bogra) Representative:

In Shibganj Upazila of Bogra, the demand for palm shells has increased even in the heat of summer. Vendors are busy cutting shells and selling. And buyers are standing to buy palm shells. The value of this palm shell is increasing day by day among people of all ages including children.

The different fruit of the time is the palm shell. The softshell of the palm is very tasty. In the vernacular, it is better known as “Talkur”. In extreme heat, palm kernels are very popular with people in towns and villages.

Shibganj Upazila has been visited in different areas, almost every hat-bazaar and at the intersection of different roads, in front of different shops in residential areas, the vendors have set up palm shells. There is a crowd of buyers of different classes and professions.

Palm kernels are very nutritious and medicinal fruits. Although all types of fruits are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, palm kernels contain some more important nutrients. As a result, the presence of calcium, iron, fiber, and calories is much higher than other fruits.

In the current summer season, palm shells are being sold in the alleys of the village, starting from Upazila town. Palm shell sellers have bought and sold immature palm wholesale from palm trees. The sellers are selling each palm for 5-10 Taka.

Halim Pramanik, a buyer of palm kernels, said that palm kernels are very popular as seasonal fruit in rural areas. Due to the use of various chemicals and formalin in seasonal fruits, the fruits are harmful to the human body. But no chemicals are used in the rhythm.

So this fruit is as healthy as it is very beneficial for the human body. So every year when the season comes, I try to buy palm shells.

Jamal Uddin, a seller of palm shells in the Shibganj Thana Bazar area, said that palm shells are sold very well every day. I bought palm fruits in different villages. There is a good income by selling palm shells. However, even though he is involved in other professions, he gets involved in this business every year when the season comes.