Killer mother and fake Kabiraj arrested for killing child in Dhunat Upazila

Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews:

Police have arrested Aduri Khatun, 25, of Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila for killing her one-month-old child and throwing it in a latrine tank. Aduri Khatun has given a confessional statement in a Bogra court admitting responsibility for killing her child.

Police have also arrested a fake Kabiraj named Kechem Uddin (45) for collaborating in the murder. The arrested Kabiraj was handed over to the Bogra court from Dhunat police station on Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, Aduri Khatun was arrested and handed over to the court. He pleaded guilty to killing the child and stated in court.

It has been reported that Aduri, daughter of Ayatollah Mandal of Chanderpara village, got married to Asim, son of Hossain Pramanik of Pardhunat village 7 years ago.

Aduri gave birth to a daughter after a 5-year-old son in their married life. But the doctor said that the child leaked his lung.

On July 16, Aduri left her one-month-old and eight-day-old baby without treatment and moved to her father’s house in Chanderpara village and took the child to Kabiraj Kechem Uddin, a nearby village, for treatment.

On July 17, at around 9 am, the child’s father Asim, grandmother Champa Khatun and mother Aduri Khatun went to Kabiraj’s house and gave them amulets including kalapora, fitkari pani pora, and oil para. Then at around 5 pm, Aduri Khatun drank the water given by Kabiraj herself and fed the baby.

Then the baby slowly fainted. Then, thinking that the child was dead, Aduri Khatun opened the lid of the latrine tank of her mother’s house and threw the child there. After much searching, locals found the baby’s body in a latrine tank on the afternoon of July 18 and reported it to police.

The child’s father Asim became the plaintiff in the incident and filed a case against the unidentified accused at Dhunat police station. Meanwhile, after filing a case, the police arrested the child’s mother Aduri on Saturday.

Aduri later admitted to killing the child during police interrogation. Later, the police also arrested Kabiraj Kechem Uddin for collaborating in the murder and cheating through fake treatment.

Dhunat Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kripa Sindhu Bala said the child’s mother had given a confessional statement in court admitting responsibility for killing her child. The child’s killer mother and fake Kabiraj have been arrested and sent to jail through the court.