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A netizen proposed marriage directly to Mollywood Chakraborty, the heroine of Tollywood. Not exactly an offer, he kind of announced his determination to marry Mimi. The actress started a Q&A session with her fans. Mimi has taken this approach several times before to keep in touch with her fans. The MP-actress answered all the questions with devotion. This time too it did not happen otherwise. One by one, Mimi was answering everyone’s questions on her Instagram story. After walking like this for a while, one of the fans expressed his desire to Mimi.

“No matter how big a star you are, I will marry you,” he wrote. Mimi replied in the usual manner. The MP-actress did not say anything. He answered through the song. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, released in 2004, has included the title track in his story.

In other words, he did not think of this word of the fan as anything more than a mere joke. Mimi has also been asked many other questions. One of Mimi’s four-legged children also wanted to know about Chiku’s health. Mimi replied that Chiku is much healthier than before. The actress posted a picture of Hollywood actor Henry Cavill when asked about ‘Crash’. In this way, Mimi reached out to the fans once again through the Q&A session. He told a lot of unknown information about himself.