Shahjahan Ali, Kazipur (Sirajganj) Representative:

With the development of technology, modern management of electricity supply in the char unions of Kazipur has led to a massive improvement in the living standards of the people of Char. Even five years ago, it was like a fantasy for the people of Char. Today, thanks to technology, it has become a reality.

Of the 12 unions in Kazipur, six are on the east bank of the Jamuna. For good reason, almost half of the population lives in the unions east of the Jamuna. Due to the fertility of the char land, the production of paddy, rabi crops, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, milk, eggs, vegetables is high, so the prices are much lower and fresh. Even after all this, the standard of living of the people of Char was lagging due to the lack of electricity and other facilities. As a result, the local economically well-off people were reluctant to live in chars.

Many have been seen leaving their homes and moving to nearby villages and even towns for a little comfort. But due to the recent power management in Char, the people of Char are no longer thinking of relocating their houses. Under Jamalpur Rural Electrification Board, Khajrajbari of Kazipur Upazila, Mansurnagar, Chargirish, Tekani, Boyrabari of Shubhgachha Union, Rupsa of Sirajganj Sadar Union, Algadighi of Mesra Union, 8/9 villages including Teghari, and about 50 villages of Bhuapur Upazila Being brought under.

Jamalpur Rural Electrification Board Deputy Assistant Engineer Golam Faruk, who came to work on the char, said the Jamalpur Rural Electrification Board has already set up two substations at 10 BMA in Parkhushia of Char Tekani Union and Rupsha area of ​​Rupsa Union to provide electricity to about 50,000 families in the char areas. And 33,000 kW of electricity has been connected to the bottom of the river Jamuna through submarine cables.

Besides, the work of the electricity pole and its installation in the char unions has been completed about 80 percent. Jamalpur Palli Bidyut Samiti has expressed hope that it will supply electricity at the consumer level by next April.

On the other hand, a 15 km paved road has been constructed from Natuarpara to Rupsa for electricity as well as travel. Besides, several inter-union paved roads have been completed in Natuarpara, Tekani, and Nishchintpur Unions. Overall, the quality of life of the char has improved.

Former Awami League president of Tekani Union Harunar Rashid said, “We are grateful to the present government.” However, our charabasi expects that the government should make arrangements for the sustainability of all these infrastructures and installations.