RAB-12 has arrested a fake journalist in Bogra

Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews :

RAB-12 has arrested a fake journalist named Monir Uddin alias Lucent (36) in Bogra on charges of fraud and extortion.

On Tuesday night, RAB arrested him while extorting money as a journalist at various medical and diagnostic centers and pharmacies in the colony area of ​​Bogra city.

During this time, 1 fake ID card of a journalist, 1 motorcycle, 1 mobile phone used in the work of a journalist, and 1,600 rupees in cash were seized from him.

The arrested Monir Uddin is the son of Abdul Gafur of Sutrapur Braksha Samaj Lane area of ​​Bogra Sadar.

Monir Uddin, who was detained during the interrogation by the RAB, said that he had been holding a journalist’s ID card for a long time, extorting large sums of money by intimidating various organizations and running a drug business under the guise of journalism.

On Wednesday (July 28), RAB-12, Bogra Camp Company Commander Lt. Commander Abdullah Al Mamun, (G), BN confirmed that Monir Uddin had been cheating and extorting money in the name of journalism. He was arrested on the basis of secret information and handed over to Bogra Sadar Police Station for legal action.

Several cases including drug, women, and child abuse are under investigation against him in different police stations of Bogra district and there are many allegations against him by the people of the area.