Rape of 7th class student in Shibganj: Madrasa teacher arrested

Saju Mia, Shibganj (Bogra) Representative:

Police have arrested a madrasa teacher named Mao: Abdur Rahman Mintu (32) for allegedly raping a seventh-grade madrasa student in Shibganj, Bogra. He was arrested from the Shibganj area around 8 pm on Tuesday.

The arrested Abdur Rahman is the son of late Solaiman Ali of Laxmipur Chanpara village in Bihar union of Mintu Upazila and he is Muhtamim (principal) of Hazrat Fatema (ra:) residential Hafezia Mahila Madrasa in Banail College Para mahalla of Shibganj municipal area.

Police and locals said the madrassa was residential. 11-12 other students were studying together. Mao: Abdur Rahman Mintu lives with his family next to the madrasa.

On May 30, all the girls of the madrasa ate and drank and fell asleep. About half-past two in the morning, Mao: Mintu enters the hall room, threatens to rape the student, and threatens not to tell anyone. The next day, the girl informed her family about the incident on her mobile phone and they came and took her home. Going home, the girl told her grandmother the details.

On Tuesday afternoon, the girl’s father filed a case against Mao: Abdur Rahman Mintu. Police arrested him overnight using information technology.

Shibganj Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sirajul Islam said he was arrested at night using information technology after the case was filed. During the preliminary interrogation, he confessed to raping the girl. Not only that, he had earlier raped three or four other students of the madrasa in the same manner, he told the police. The people of those families did not take refuge in the law for fear of respect.