Md. Sajal Hossain
Student, Department of Sociology, University of Chittagong.
Mobile: 017134375

In March last year, a patient infected with the coronavirus was first identified in the country. Since then, the coronavirus has been on the rise and many variants of the virus have appeared. There is no substitute for awareness to survive this virus. Be careful not to touch your nose and mouth, do not go to crowds or public gatherings, keep a certain distance, do not shake hands, and do not travel. In this context, the government announced the closure of everything in stages. However, public transport fares were increased by 60 percent from June last year to keep the transport and communication system in order and the number of passengers in each vehicle was directed to be 50 percent. After a while, the passengers were picked up as per the rules but the extra fare was taken at 100 percent instead of 60 percent and the passengers gradually started picking up 100 percent as before.

The corona vaccine has already hit the market and infections have begun to decline. As a result, everything started to go a little normally. Meanwhile, bad news came again, the second stage of Corona appeared in the country. In this situation, the infection is increasing and gradually all is being stopped again. If the transport fare is increased by 60 percent as before, then 100 percent extra fare is being collected illegally again. Where if the rent is 100 rupees, it is supposed to be 180 rupees, now it is 200 rupees or doubles! As a result, driver-passenger quarrels are being observed in different places, even blows! To solve this, besides making the people aware, the government also has to take effective and supervisory measures. Those who disobey the instructions should be brought under the law as well as punished. The government needs to be vigilant so that the extra 60 percent fare on public transport does not become a source of inconvenience to the public.