Roshan filed a case against Sravanti in the court

OnushondhanNews Desk :

‘Love-Marriage-Divorce’ Taliganj is very busy on these three issues. Meanwhile, actress Sravanti Chatterjee is in the discussion again.

Roshan-Sravanti is different from last year. So, forgetting the bitterness of that long married life, Roshan has approached the court to start a family again.

Roshan Singh does not want to break up with Sravanti. He filed a case against Sravanti in court on Monday (June 7). The case was filed under the ‘Constitution of Conjugal Rights’ section rather than marrying the actress.

Roshan and Sravanti have not been living under the same roof since the news came out. They did not stop teasing each other indirectly through social media. In the meanwhile, rumors of Sravanti’s falling in love anew have been heard in the entertainment district of Taliganj since two months ago.

Rajiv Biswas, Sravanti married Roshan Singh in Punjab in April 2019 after divorcing Krishna Braj.