Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews, Dhunat (Bogra) :

People are for people. Even though this saying is common, it is very difficult to find real people to search for the helpless people of society. However, some donate for the photo session, and some to get acquainted. But real people stand by to get a little love, or to make helpless people smile.

Faujia Haque Bithi, an assistant teacher at Belkuchi Government Primary School in Dhunat Upazila of Bogra, is also a majestic woman.

He is once again delivering food items to the homes of unemployed people in lockdown with his salary. On Wednesday (April 14), he was seen going to the homes of helpless people in Dhunat municipal town, Belkuchi, and Chanderpara areas to deliver daily necessities including rice, pulses, oil, potatoes, onions, boot Kalai, and sugar.

School Teacher Fauzia Haque Bithi Dhunat is the daughter of former freedom fighter Mozammel Haque, a teacher at the government-run NU Pilot High School, and the wife of Supreme Court lawyer Razzakul Kabir Bidyut.

Fauzia Haque Bithi also played the role of a brave woman in resisting the first wave of corona last year. He has distributed thousands of masks made by himself and among the pedestrians, helpless and distressed people. She also set the example of a majestic woman by delivering food items to the homes of helpless and destitute people with her salary. But he is not just during the Coronation period; Every Eid, he has bought new clothes for the children of helpless families and made them smile.

Fauzia Haque Bithi Jayita was elected by the Bogra district administration on the occasion of International Women’s Violence Prevention Day and Begum Rokeya Day for her social contribution. This time too he has stood by the helpless and miserable people of the society in the face of the second wave of Corona.

School Teacher Fauzia Haque Bithi said people are for people. I have only tried to stand by the helpless people from this thought. He said the government has announced a lockdown as the incidence of the corona has increased across the country. Many families have become helpless. That is why I am buying Iftar items with Baishakhi festival allowance and salary money and delivering them to the homes of these helpless and miserable people. However, he appealed to the rich to stand by these helpless people.