Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews:

It has been alleged that a headmaster named Abdus Chobahan (47) was beaten up for not including his name in the list of guardian voters for the formation of Baria Government Primary School Management Committee in Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila.

The tortured headmaster Abdus Chobahan held a press conference at the Dhunat Model Press Club on Monday (May 24) afternoon demanding legal action against the former president of the school, Manjurul Morshed Majnoor.

Abdus Chobahan, son of late Mozahar Ali of Baria village in Chikashi Union, has been working as a headmaster in Baria Government Primary School since 2008. In 2008, Manjurul Morshed Majnu, son of late Mozaffar Rahman of the same village, was elected chairman of the school’s management committee as a land donor member. He then served as the school’s president twice more.

Meanwhile, as the term of the school management committee has expired, the Primary Education Office took the initiative to form a new committee. Meanwhile, Manjurul Morshed Majnu was dropped from the post of zamindari member as per the policy. Even then he became desperate to be the president of the school. So this time Majnu plans to become the president by becoming a guardian member. Due to this, former president Majnu entered the school on May 22 at 11:30 am.

He then proceeded to insult and threaten the headmaster with obscene language to include his name and his wife’s name in the 2020 parent voter list for the formation of the school management committee. But the headmaster did not agree as Majnu’s daughter Musfika Morshed was not admitted to the school.

Enraged, former president Majnu and his men killed and injured the headmaster. At one point, he and his wife were forcibly included in the 2020 voter list with death threats.

On the afternoon of May 22, headmaster Abdus Chobahan filed a written complaint with the Dhunat police station accusing three people, including former president Manjurul Morshed Majnu.

At the press conference, headmaster Abdus Chobahan said that former president Majnu had illegally included their names in the old voter list by beating me. A written complaint has been lodged with Dhunat Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Dhunat Thana, and Primary Education Office.

However, former school president Manjurul Morshed Majnu denied the allegations against him, saying the headmaster had not been beaten. However, he admitted that there was a push-push.

Dhunat Police Station Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) Jahidul Haque said necessary steps would be taken after investigating the allegation of beating the headmaster.