Adamdighi (Bogra) Representative:

The girl who used to go to and from school regularly before Corona has now turned into a boy. The girl’s name is Jasmine Akhter.

Suddenly miraculously he turned into a boy and was named Jubaid Mandal. Such an incident took place in Laxmipur village of Adamdighi Upazila of Bogra.

Meanwhile, when the incident of having a son from a girl spread in the area, there was a stir. Curious people have gathered at his house to see one.

It is learned that farmer Jalal Hossain of Laxmipur village in Nasratpur union of the Upazila left his wife pregnant and went abroad. Jasmine Akhter has been living in Shawil of Bari Upazila since her birth. Jasmine Akter grew up there, and Shawell attended tenth grade at Bidirectional High School.

Two years ago, her father came home from abroad to work in agriculture and they had one daughter and one son. Jalal Hossain was also thinking of marrying his eldest daughter Jasmine Akhter. After that, Jasmine’s educational institutions were closed due to the global coronavirus infection.

Then, four months ago, Jasmine’s voice began to change like that of a boy. From then on, he behaved like a boy. Within 45 days, Jasmine’s physique changed and she became a boy. When this incident became known in the area, curious people are gathering in their houses every day to see him.

Jasmine Akhter said, besides reading, I used to offer prayers of fasting and tahajjud prayers. At first, I didn’t think so. Three months ago, I suddenly developed a fever. From then on I was transformed from a girl to a boy. Now my name is Jubaid Mandal. I am now a full-fledged man and physically healthy.

Jasmine’s father Jalal Hossain Mandal said, “I named her Jubaid Mandal after the eldest daughter was transformed into a boy.” I am very happy with the great God.