Ruhia (Thakurgaon) Correspondent:

Waz mahfil was organized at Ruhia Salehiya Madrasa in Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila by arranging huge gates and pandals ignoring the deadly corona. Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md Kamrul Hasan Sohag rushed to the spot after getting the news of such an event despite the government’s ban.

The committee decided not to attend the waz mahfil organized by Ruhia Salehiya Madrasa on Sunday (April 4) evening after discussing with the organizing committee about the implementation of the government’s 16-point directive and lockdown directives due to the current Corona situation.

Later, the worshipers requested to recite Doa for 5 minutes after Maghrib’s prayers. At that time, the executive magistrate allowed them to recite their prayers on humanitarian grounds. After that, the worshipers and religious people from different areas also left the place after reciting the prayers for 5 minutes after the Maghrib prayers to keep their word to the executive magistrate.

Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md. Kamrul Hasan Sohag told Khabar Thakurgaon Khabar that in the current situation in Corona, after learning about the mass gathering of worshipers, I went to the spot and talked to the organizing committee. Is given. According to the words, the worshipers also left the scene as soon as the prayers were recited – for this I thank them.

In such a situation, he advised everyone to abide by the government’s 18-point directive and lockdown directive.

Local political leaders including Chairman of Ruhia Union Parishad No. 1 Monirul Haque Babu were present at the time.