To visit a relative's house in Shibganj upazila The housewife was raped: The rapist has been arrested

Saju Mia, Shibganj, (Bogra) Representative:

A housewife has been raped while visiting a relative’s house in Shibganj Upazila of Bogra. The housewife’s husband has filed a case with the police station. Police have arrested the rapist in the incident.

According to the case sources, Rezaul Karim, son of late Miraj Uddin Pramanik of Dahila Bara Hatpara village in Shibganj municipal area, along with his wife went to his aunt’s house in Kashipur Dangapara village of Kotwali police station in Dinajpur district. He got acquainted with Firoz alias Sabuj (28), son of late Fazlul Karim of that village.

The accused Sabuj occasionally made love by calling the housewife’s mobile phone. On June 1, at around 9 pm, Sabuj came to visit their house at the word of the housewife. The housewife, her husband, son, and daughter, and Sabuj the accused ate food on this night and fell asleep on the floor of the house.

The case alleges that at 1 pm on June 2, the accused Sabuj raped the housewife against her will on the bed in the bedroom with the temptation of marriage. Upon realizing the matter, people of the house called 999 and the police immediately went to the spot and brought the rapist Sabuj and the housewife to the police station.

The housewife’s husband filed a case with the Shibganj Police Station under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act.

Shibganj Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sirajul Islam said the housewife along with the rapist was brought to the police station after receiving a call from 999. The housewife’s husband has filed a case with the police station. In the context of the case, the accused has been sent to a wise court.