Villagers have protested by planting rice saplings in the dirt roads of Dhunat Upazila

Staff Reporter, OnushondhanNews
Locals have planted rice saplings on a dirt road in the Mathurapur union of Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila.

Locals protested on Friday (August 13th) afternoon by planting rice saplings on the road in front of Abed Ali Sheikh’s house in Ujalsingh-Chhatiani village of Mathurapur union in Dhunat Upazila.

It has been reported that due to the rains of the last few days, the unpaved roads of 10 villages inside Mathurapur Union of Dhunat Upazila have become unusable.

Traders Shamim and Amjad Ali of Ujalsingh village said that the Ujalsingh-Chhatiani road has become dilapidated due to rains in the last few days. People from about 7/8 villages are walking on this road barefoot. So the villagers have protested against the demand to pave this muddy road.

However, Dhunat Upazila Engineering Officer Zahurul Islam said proposals have been sent to repair rain-damaged roads and pave new unpaved roads. They are now awaiting tender. More new roads are being listed for paving.