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Now it is not possible to go out without a mask. Because coronavirus infection is on the rise again. Wearing a mask can cause skin problems with sweat on the face. If this continues, acne, rashes, rashes, etc. may occur on the skin. So it is important to keep the skin cool at this time. That is why you need to drink enough water. As well as seasonal fruits and fruit juices should be eaten. This will keep the skin cool from the inside. In addition to this, if you want to keep the skin cool from the outside, you have to take some extra care. Let’s find out-

A splash of cold water

As soon as you return home from outside, wash your hands, feet, and face thoroughly. Give a splash of cold water on the face. Herbs can clean the face with any face wash. Even if you are at home, you can repeatedly splash cold water on your face. However, do not use facewash repeatedly. There is a fear of rough skin.

Facial mist

Facial mist is very effective to keep the skin cool. If you feel the problem of repeatedly splashing water on your face, use Face Mist instead. Using it will keep the skin fresh. Its beautiful smell will also give you a fresh feeling. If you want, you can make a facial mist at home.

Refrigerate the cream

Surprised? You can do this to keep the skin cool. Creams, moisturizers, body lotions can also be used in the fridge to get some benefits. These cosmetics will be good for a long time, there will be no fear of spoilage. On the other hand, the skin will be cold. However, keep in mind that the little ones should not forget to put these cosmetics in the stomach or waste them.

Using a face mask

Various face masks will help to keep the skin cool in hot weather. Cucumber is very useful in this case. Many times in hot weather, the skin may feel uncomfortable or irritated. In this case, a cucumber mask will provide softness. That’s why you have to keep the cucumber in the fridge and cool it first. Then you have to squeeze out the juice well. Apply this juice all over the face with the help of clean cotton. When dry, it should be washed with cold water. It will keep the skin good as well as moist.

The use of ice

One effective way to keep skin cool is to use ice. It helps to cool the skin quickly. However, never use ice directly on the face. Wrap ice in a cotton cloth or handkerchief and apply lightly on the skin. It will reduce inflammation, as well as increase blood flow to the face and make the skin look brighter.